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Girl Undone (novel)

Girl Undone is the story of Iris Shaw, a seventeen-year old artist, who, after suffering a horrific head trauma, lost her short-term memory. Iris wakes every morning with no recollection of the trauma but worse, she has no memory of the previous day. Iris knows something terrible has happened to her. She’s haunted by dreams of a mysterious red-haired girl named Langston, a secluded house in the woods, and images of oleanders – beautiful but deadly flowers which she draws repeatedly but can’t understand why. She also suspects the people closest to her – her parents, her grandmother, even the police –  are hiding the truth. The question is why? Iris is determined to find out how she lost her memory and who’s responsible, even if it means risking her life.

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"Down the Frontage Road" (short story)

It’s been quite a week for Astrid Capon. While trying to escape her old life in Barstow, CA for the excitement of New York City, Astrid gets side-tracked with the murder of her classmate whom she finds on the road out of town. As if that weren’t bad enough, she has to deal with the side-show antics of her mother, Deirdre, and the provincialism of her best friend, J.P. who has no desire to leave Barstow with her. Desperate to leave yet determined to do the right thing, Astrid puts her freedom and life on the line to help bring a killer to justice.

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"Precious Metal: An Oxidizing Love Story" (short story)

The land of Oz is deeply divided. Civil unrest, bigotry, and tyranny have taken over. Consorting with those not of your kind is strictly forbidden – especially humans and witches. A lone woodsman named Eoin, risks everything for the love of  Isabel, who happens to be a witch. Together they face Oz soldiers, flying monkeys, and one very wicked witch. Will their love prevail or will it be just another tale of heartache?

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Glean (novel)

In the future, intelligence is sold to the highest bidder. Sixteen-year old Anika Hansen is brilliant. She’s also on the run, wanted by Argentum – an evil corporation that sells IQs like hers to privileged clients. With the help of a small band of rebels, Anika must penetrate Argentum’s headquarters to save her father and destroy the G.R.I.D. before it destroys her and everyone she loves.  

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